This may not be anything too new for other Viggle addicts, but I wanted to share some of the calculations I’ve been using to decide what I should do to earn as many points per minute of activity, and likewise to maximize the amount of reward for the points used. Please note: this information is intended to educate the average user who doesn’t want to do the math on their own. It is not intended to assist anyone in cheating the system. My understanding is Viggle monitors for abuse and will ban your account if you use artificial means to get too many points. I share my own personal strategies that I use to make the most of the app and loyalty system, but I only play within the system, and usually don’t hit the 12,000-point daily limit. Sometimes I feel guilty getting so many rewards just for watching TV and using the app, but I’ll get over it sooner or later. :-) That said, let’s get down to brass tacks:

Basic Conversion Rate

The rewards with the most common point/$ conversion rate is 7500 pts / $5.00. This equates to 1500 pts / $1.00, or 15 pts / $0.01. This rate is what I have in my head most of the time, because it’s the worst-case scenario, in a way. There have been rewards offered with lower conversion rates, but those are not very popular, thankfully.

Discount Conversion Rate

Some of the larger rewards have conversion rates of 7000/$5.00, or 14 pts / $0.01. This amounts to a volume ‘discount’ of 6.67% over the basic conversion rate. Aside from Viggle Deals (below), these are the rewards I prefer to get for myself.

Viggle Deals Conversion Rates

The Viggle Deals usually have even larger point discounts. Many of the first Viggle Deals were 4000pts/$5, or 8pts/$0.01. This is a 46.67% discount over the basic conversion rate.

The Hollywood Movie Money deal that was around for about 3 weeks was slightly better–but that depends on the cost of a movie where you live. The maximum value was 8000pts/$13, or 6.15pts/$0.01.

As I write this, the Viggle Deal is a 15% ‘coupon’ to for 3000 points, or basically $3.75 at the 8pts/$0.01 Viggle Deal rate. This could be a very valuable deal for you since there is apparently no limit to the amount of your order. On the other hand, you have no chance of stacking your rewards to get anything truly free.

Points Per Minute of Use – Watching Ads

Let’s start with the ads, because they are probably my favorite way to earn points. Here are the most common ad types, with point amounts, approximate ad duration, and $ value based on the Basic Conversion Rate (which I will use for the remainder of this post):

Short – 15 pts/15 sec = $0.01

Medium – 30 pts/30 sec = $0.02

Long (including movie trailers) – 50 pts/120 sec = just under $0.04

Clearly, the longer ads and movie trailers are less value per minute of use. On a repeating ad, the 15- & 30-pointers are the best value, with the 30-pointers the most efficient use of one’s time. Assuming one could fit two 30-pointers in a minute (which isn’t exactly true due to loading times, etc), this equates to a maximum of 60pts=$0.04/minute, or 3600pts=$2.40/hour. Not even close to minimum wage, but it’s better than nothing! Plus consider this is using the basic conversion rate, which is what makes the Viggle Deals so desirable. But there are other ways to earn points…

Points for Signing Up & Referrals

On signup, Viggle primes your account with 1200pts ($0.80) to get you started. If you successfully refer a friend to Viggle, you get 200pts ($0.13) when they sign up. I would love for the referral bonus to be higher, or at least make it easier by enabling referrals via Facebook instead of email, but that doesn’t stop me from spreading the word. My theory is that these point amounts are set to reward people who tell their friends about the app, but not high enough to be worth exploiting through false account referrals.

Points Per Minute of Use – Normal Check-Ins

If you check into your favorite one-hour TV show right when it starts, you can expect to earn 60 points ($0.04) for that hour of TV viewing. This earning method is what the early app reviewers focused on, mainly because they were apparently evaluating the app during daytime hours and had to rush to publish their reviews. I always make sure I’m checked into the show I’m watching at the time. If I’m out and about, like at a casual restaurant with TVs playing, I also make sure to check in real quick to that show. However, I don’t settle for this relatively paltry amount of points unless the ads are not available for whatever reason.

Gravy – Featured Shows and Viggle Live

When primetime rolls around, if I’m in front of my TV, I now check Viggle first for any featured programming. The minimum 200 bonus points for checking in can be very good, assuming you don’t check into another show for ten minutes. That’s how Viggle makes sure you give the show a chance before flipping channels to the next show with bonus points. But if you don’t like what’s showing, you can get a theoretical maximum of 1200/hour (more if the bonus points are higher), which is equivalent to watching a bunch of ads in a row. Of course, you can do both at the same time, which is probably my favorite point-earning activity!

Viggle Live events can mean even more points. The Oscars, Grammys, and Super Bowl each had 10,000-point maximums over about a 3-hour period, with trivia questions and predictions. The actual points earned varies, since you get more points for right answers/predictions, and less for wrong answers. Viggle generously raises the daily point limit for such events, which encourages me to also use the app a bunch outside the main event, too. Unlike primetime, though, I typically don’t multi-task, because the live questions usually come and go too quickly for this to be feasible.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope this can be of use to some Viggle users. I’ll try to update if there are any significant changes to the program, though I don’t plan on keeping a daily chronicle of things. Please add your own thoughts and strategies in the comments, as well as any corrections you find in my math. After that, happy viggling!

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